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ThePower ofthe go ell. wo.raarowns......earr thegloryofGod in the faceoflefiu (brig.Where is it that VERSE 2. weebehold the glorie ofGod but fin a glaffe?and what r .2,or. 3.1 8. is that glaffe ? but the word ofGod as S. lames cals it ? Chrill is not pleated any other wayes ordi- narily toexercife his power,or to revealehis glory,but in thefe ordinances of his which wee difpenfe. Therefore bee walketh in his-Church with a a (word in hie mouth, a Revelo. 16. and witha b Rodinhis mouth , to note that heegiveth no b c Eph 6.17. greater teflification ofhis firength than in the Minifiery " ,cr.23,29. ofhis Gofpell; which is therefore fometimes called a Icr.5.16. Cfword, a d hammer, afire, fometimesonly a efavor of c sCor 2.16. lifeanddeath, to note the mighty working thereof, that can kill as well by a fent as by a wound, as well by a breath as by a blow. Toconfider this point a little more diflinaly. This Power ache Gofpell ofChritl appeares in both thole regards ' as it is afavor of life unto life, and as it is a favor ofdeath death. Towards his Church who (hall bee faved,and towardShis enemies who (hall perifb. Many wayes is the Gofpell of Chrill and his Spirit a Rod of firength unto his Church. Firkin their Callingandconverlion from the power of Lao i.zo,zx Satan unto God. - Satan is a firong man and hec is ar- Eph.2.2. teed , hath a whole panoply and full provifionofmill. Tim.z. tark infiruments,and (which is agreat advantage) hath both the firfl poffeflion,and the full love ofthe hearts of men before Chrifi attempts any thing upon them. And therefore that whichpulleth a man from under the paw offuch a Lion , and forced] him away from his owne palace , mull needs bee much ftronger than hee. And 411.642.17. therefore the Apoille commendeth the power of the word by thisargument that is is a (word fit to overcome principalities and powersand rulers of the darkneffe of thisworld,and fpirituall vvickednefles inheavenly places. Againe, theold Man in our nature is a tirongman too, a RaigningKing , which fettethhinifelfe mightily againfl the