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138 1 The `Poorer ofthego§ell, VERSE 2. al vdlogiot itegi lavrar 6RT ,rticZyd2.44tir im45-aporst. Greg. Ira: 0rat,' . Mark. 4.39,0 Erai,s7.20. Pfal,g the word and will ofChrif , and cheriamth the difeafe againa the remedie. And by that likewife the Apo& commendeth the power ofthe Gofpell,that it is mighty through God to thepulling downeoffrongholds, and imaginations or flefhly reafonings. WhenChrif fill'd the windes and the Sea with but two words, Tease, bee fill, theywere exceedinglyamazed at his power; and laid one to another, what mannerofman is thisthat even the windes and the Sea obey him The converfion ofa man is a farre greater worke than thefillingof the Sea, thatwill bee fonietimes calmeof it 'felfe when the furie ofthe winde ceafeth. The wicked indeed are like the Sea , but not at any time, but like a trembled Seawhen it cannot refl. TheSea wee know is fubje61 unto feverall motions. An inward boyling and unquietneffe from it felfe , itsordinary fluxes and refluxes from the influence ofthe moone, many cafuall agitations from the violence of thewindes, and from itsownewaves, one wave pre- cipitating, impelling, and repelling another: So are the heartsof wicked menby the foaming , efluations , and metresofnaturall concupircence, by the provifions and materials offinfiill pleafures,by the courfesofthe world, by the folicitationsand impulfionsofSatan,by a world ofhourely cafualtics and provocations fo tempefluous that they aiwayescall out upon thewords anda&ions ofmenmire and dirt. Now in the difpenfationofthe word by the miniftery ofa weake manChrif filleth the ragingofthisSea, quels the lulls, corre6eth the difem- pers, fcattereth the tcmptations,worketh a fmoothneffe and tranquillity ofSpirit in the foulcofa man. Surely when this is done the foule cannot but Rand amazed at its owne recovery,andadmire that wonderfull and invi- fiblepower which could fo fuddenly rebuke fuch raging aflicStions and reduce themuntocalmeneffe and beauty againe.wbot ailed thee0 shot' Sea,that thou fleddefi,and them Jordan that thou wert drivenback?feemosrntaines that