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ThePoveroftheWell. .7.111.=101.11190 ...1 ria all the glorious lightsofnature but inaruments to ferve the pride,covetoutheffe,adultery,vanityofa luttfulleye. All the delicacies which the earth,aire or Sea can affoord but materials to feed the luxurie and intemperance ofa Wilful' body. All the honors and promotions of the world but fuell to lath& thehaughtineffe and ambition of a luRfull heart. That word then which can fetch out this, leprofie from the creatures , and put life, ftrength, andcomfort into themagaine mull needs bee rirga tutu a Redoffirength. Secondly, the Gofpell andSpirit of Chrifl is a rod of firength, in regardof his and hisChurchesenemies. A- ble both to repell, and to revenge all their injuries; to difappoint the ends and machinations of Saran, to tri- umph and get above the perfecutions of men, to get a treafure which no malicenor furyofthe enemy can take away, a nobleneffe of minde which no infultation of the adverfary can abate, a fecurity of condition, and calmeneireof fpirit, where no worldly tempeascanany more extinguifh than the darkneffe of a cloud, or the boitieroufneffe of a windcan blot out the lufire, or per- turbe the order ofcelettiall bodies; a heavenlywifdome able toprevaile againfi the gates ofhell, and to (top the mouthesofevery gain-Payer. The Word hath ever a Rededinere to revenge difobedience,asthe Apofile fpeaks ; it hardens the faces of men, andarmes them, that they maybreakeallthofe who fall upon them. Thispower of theWordcowards wickedmen,fliew- eth it felfe in many particulars: Pita, in amighty worke of Conteitlion. The Spirit was therefore lent into the world to convince it by the minifiery of the Gofpell, which one word containeth the ground of the whole flrength here fpokenof for all, which the word bring- eth to paffe, it doth it by the convi6lion of the Spirit. This Conviction is two-fold: AConviaiats unto cenver- fion, whereby the hearts ofmen arc wonderfullyover- t L VERSE 2. ICC:CI 0.6. Ter.!. 8,9. Ter.6.21. Ezek.3. 8,9. Mat. z 44.