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Ti Theqiorie of the go ell, 16 the Authour of it, fo that in that rerpeR there may V E 5 F. 2. feeme tobe no difference of excellency betweenc that and the Gofpell, yet wee mull obferve that by the re- maindersofCreation, though God fhoulci not have re- vealed his Law againe unto Mofes in the mount, much of the Law, and by confequence of God himfelfemight have beene difcover'd by humane indutiry, as wee ke bynotable examples of the philofophers and grave hea- then. But the Gofpell is fuch a my nery as was for ever hidden from the reach and very fulpicionofnature, and wholly ofdivine revelation. Eye bath not feene, nor ere. heard,neither have entred into the heal isofmen the things Ront6.z5. which Godbathpreparedfor them that love hinnthe Apo- . Cot.. 2.7 9. file fpeaketh it of themyfieryofthe Gofpell;notingthat it is above theobfervation, or learning, or comprehen- lion ofnature, Co much as to fufpeal it ; nay,the naturall inquirieof the Angels theinfclves could never have dif- covered it, even unto them it is made (nowise by the Ephef:3.9,zo. Church ; that is, if it had not beene for the Churches fake that God would revealeCo glorious a inynery, the Angels in heaven mull have beene for ever ignorant ofit. So extremely defperate was the fall of man, that it wan- ted the infinite and unfearchable wifedome ofGod him- felfe to finde out a remedie againtl it. Ifthe Lord flottid have proceeded thus farre in mercy towards man and no farther. Thou art a wretched Creature, and I am a righteousGod ; yea, Co heavy is my wrath, and Co wo- full thy condition, that I cannot choofe but take com- panion upon thee; and therefore I will put the matter . into thine owne hands ; requifite his that my pitty to- wards thee fbould not fwallow up the refpeols tomine owne junice andhonour, that my mercy fbould bee a righteous and a wife mercy. Confult therefore toge ther all ye children of men, and invent away to recon- cile my Pike and mercy toone another, fit mee in a courfe to thew you mercy, without parting frommine M4 owrie