Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

168 YE R. S E 2. The lorieoftheffoffiell. 1=mmariedrares,..M. ....... 41 owne right,and denying the righteousdemandsofmine offended juflice, and I will promife you to obfcrve it; I fay, if the mercy of the Lord fhould have confin'd it felfewithin thefebounds, and refi red the methodof our redemptionuntohumane difcovery, we fhould for ever have continued ina defperate efate,everlallingly unable to conceive, or fo much as in fancy to frame unto our felves a wayofefcape. As the Creatures before their being could have no thought or notion of their being educ'dout of that nothing which they were before. So man fallen could not have the fmallefi conOure or fu- fpition of any feafeable way to deliver himfelfeout of that mifery into which he fell. If all the learning in the worldwere gathersd into one man,and that man fhould imploy all his time and fludie toframe unto himfelfe the notions ofa fixth or feventh fenfe, which yet are as ex- preffelyfa(hion'd amongf thole infinite Idea's of Gods power andomnifcience, as thefe five which are already created, he would be as totally ignorant of the concluli- on he fought at laft as hee was at &IL For all humane knowledge ofnatural] things is wrought by a reflexion upon thofc Phantafmes or Idea's, which are impref- fions made from thole fenfes wee already ufe, and are indeednothing ellebut a kinde ofnotionall exiftence of things in the memory ofman wrought by an externall and ienfible perception of that reall exitlence which they have in themfelves. And yet in this cafe a fixth or a fcventh fenfewould agree ito genere proximo, and fo have Come kinde of Cognation with thofc wee al- ready enjoy. But a new Covenant, a new life, a new faith, a ne vv falvation are things fetepeerre, beyond the amineand fphere ofnature. That two fhould become one, and yet remaine two fill, as God and man doe in one Chria , that hee who maketh fhould bee One with the thing which himfelfe hath made ; that hee who is above all fhould humblehimfelfe, that he who filleth