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The glorieof the gojfiell. filleth all fhould emptie himfelfe; that he who blelfeth all thould be himfelfe a curie; that bee who ruleth all timid be himfelfe a fervant, that he who was the prince of life, and by whom all thing, in the world doe coat 1, thouldhimfelfe be diffolved and dye,that mercy and ju- (lice (hould meet together, and kiffe each other, that the debt fhould bee payed and yet pardoned, that the fault thould bee punifhed and yet remitted, that death like Sampfons Lion thould have life and fweetneffe in it,and be ufed as an infirunient todefiroy it fclfe;thefe and the like Evangelical) truthsare tnyfleries which furpaffe the reach ofall the princes oflearning in the world, a It is to be beleeved by a fpiritualllight,which was not fo much as poffible to a humane reafon : We may obferve that every perfon in the Trinity fettethhimfelfe to teach the myllery of the Gofpell. The b Father revealeth it unto men, FleAandblondbath not revealed it unto thee,but my Father which is on heaven. It to written in the Prophets, Theyfhallbeall taught ofGod, Every man therefore that bathheardand learnedof theFather, commeth unto met. The Son likewife teacheth it unto men, therefore bee is called the c Angell of Gods Covenant and Counfell, that is,theRevealer thereof,becaufe unto the world he made knowne that deepe projea of his Fathers counfell tou- ching the re floringofmankind, d No manhath fees; God at any time, the onlybegotten Some which is in thebofome oftheFather,he bathdeclaredbim.He only it is who ope- neth thebofome ofhis Father, that is, who revealeth the fecret and myflerious counfels , and the tender and compal: fionat afireaions(for the bofome is the feat offecrets andof Love) ofhis Father unto the world. And therefore he is fail to be a c Teacherfentfrom God,and to be I the Lord whichggeakethfrom heaven in the minifieryofhisGofpel; and the doetrine whichhe teacheth is called a g heavenly deUrix,and a h heavenlycallmig,&ai high calling, andoft by the theHebrews 104 inieg.u. heavenly things, to 169 TERSE 2. a Xanhumana ration fedfpirit les effi°- cacia imbrof: ideocertionquia imponibilesTert. b matt.1647. loh.6.45. C Officii non na- turevocabula qicia magnum cogitationpa.. trisfoper boini- nisreilittaione annunciavit fe culo.Tertioll. '11011.1.18o eloh. 3.a. E Heb,It 25. gloh.3.zz. h HCb.3.I. Heb.9.23.