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1 VERSE 2. I Ian': 3.17. John 16. 8,u. u r Cora.' o, z r,t 2. ° R0111. 8.2. P2 C01'.3,8. q Ephet t. 17. Eph.3. I 6,i 9. I Pet.tar,tz. r Cot. Iz.3. r Mat. i z.24. Iohn 8.48. t Cor.1,2.4. uz TheC2.13,14 Deus nos adjm- vat e utfeta- niso.,eout nine- ; miss,,,Ing, Epig.143. I Theg lone of the go§ella to 110te that they arc not of a naturall or earthly conditi- on, and therefore not within the comprehenfion ofan earthly undertiandine. It is a rifidome which is from above. The holy C_;-holl likewire is a Revealcr of the Gofpell unto the faithfull. He was fent that hee might m Convince the worldnot onelyoffilm, but ofrighteoni nefe and judgement too, which are Evangelical' things. The iritfearcbetb all things, even the deepe things of god, that is,his unfearchable love, vvifedoine and coun- len in the Gofpell. Therefore the Golpell is called °The Lawofthe tpirstoflife, and the P mini.s7rationofthefpirit, and the q Revelation oftheIpirit, and r No man can call Iefus Lord butby theholytpirit,that is, though menmay out of external' conformity to the diCcipline and pro- feffion under which they live, with their motithes ac- knowledge him to be the Lord; yet their hearts will ne- ver tremble, nor willingly fithmit themfelves to his obe- dience, their confcience will never fet to its feale to the fpirituall power of Chrift over the thoughts, &fires, and lecrets of thefoule, but by the over-ruling direai- on of the holy Ghoff. Nature taught the Pharifes to call him Beelzebub and Samaritan, but it is the Spirit onely which teacheth men to acknowledge him a Lord. t Chrift ü not the power nor the wifedome of godto any, but to thofe whoare called, that is, to thofe unto whole confciences the Spirit witneffeth the righteoufnes which is tobee found in him. So then the Publication of the Gofpell belongeth unto men, u but the effeoitiall tea- ching and revelation thereof unto the foule is the joynt worke of the holy Trinity,opening the heartto attend, and perfwading the heart to beleeve the Gofpell, as a thing worthy of all acceptation. Thus the Gofpell is a Glorious thing in regard ofthe Original' and Authour of it. From whence wee may inferre, that what-ever men thinke of theminifierie and difpenfation of the Word, yet