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The qlorie of the Well. 171 yet undoubtedly thenegleaand fcornewhich is Chewed VERSE 2. unto it, is done unto Gulf himfelfe,and that in his glo- ry : he that receiveth not his Word, reje&eth his per- loh, fon;and the clone ofa man againPt the wordswhich we fpeake in thename andauthorityof Chrifl, and in the difpenfationof that office wherewith he hath entruffed us,is the fame with the finnes ofthole menwho delpired him in hisowne perfon You will fay Chrift is in hea- ven,how can any injuriesof ours reach unto him? Sure- ly though he be in hcaven, (which is now the Court of his royal! refidence) yet hee bath todoe uponearth, as one of the chicle territories of hisdominion, and, in the miniflerie of his Word, bee fpeaketh from heaven fill, He it was, who, by his AmbaffadourSaint Paul, came 1-leba2.24. andpreached Peace to the Ephefians, who were afarre Eph.z. 17. off. His jpirit it was which in the Prophets did teflifie of Ir.)et.I.n. hrafilferings andglory. Hee it was who gave manifeft .....orA13,3, proofe ofhis owne power, (peaking in his Apofiles. He then who refideth to obey the words of a Minifier in the executionof his office, whenhee forewarneth himof the wrath to come, and doth not difcerne the Lords voice therein, but in defpight of this miniferiall citation unto the tribunall of ChM, will fill paid in the way ofhis owne heart, and as he bath beetle, fo refolveth to continue,a fwearing,blafphemous, luxurious, proud, re- vengeful!, and riotous perfon, thinking it bafeneffe to mourn for finne, and unneceffary firianeffe to humble himfelfe to walke with God ; and yet, becaufe all men elledoe fo,will profeffe his faith in the Lord Iefus; that man isanotorious liar, yea (as the Apofile fpeaketh )he maketh Goda liar too,in not beleeving the record which he givethofhis Sonne, which is, that hee fhould r alh army thefilth, andpurge out the blondofhispeople with4 flirit ofjudgement, and afpirit ofburning: that he fhould M21.3,3 fit as 4 refiner andpurifieroffilver,purging hispriefts,that theymight offer unto theLordan off:11%in righteoufnef e. Hee