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f72 The gloneof the g amlown....... Vii R S E 2. Hee walketh contrary tiithat Covenant ofmercy which he profeffeth to lay hold on ; for this is one of the great EZek34525327 promifes of the Covenant, I will crinkle cleane water :eponym, andyoushall be cleanefrom all your filthineffir, andfrom all your idols will I clenfeyou. I will put my ffiirit withinyou, and camp you to wakein my Agate!. Hee walketh contrary to thequality ofthatfeareofGod, which yet he profeffeth to feele as well asothers:For the flareofthe Lord is a cleanething. He walketh contrary to the verttie ofthat blond, with whichnotwithilanding 1-16.9.r4. hee profe fieth tobee fprinkled : for the blondof(brig cleanfeth not onely the lives, but the very confciences of men from deadworkem that is, rnakesthem fo inwardly labour forpurity ofheart, as that they may not be con- fcious to themfelves of any, though the moll fecret al- lowed finne. He walketh contrary to thefruitfuleereof thatgrace whichalone he profeffeth to boar/ in : for the Spirit ofgrace which is powred from on high maketh Erai.32,. t5, the verywildernefeafroitftillfield.. He walketh contra- Aa.t 5.9. rie to the properties of thatfaith, by which alonehe ho- peth to be faved. For trio faithpurifieth the heart; and therefore apart heart and a good confcience are the info- parable companions ofan insfainedfaith. And therefore what-ever verball and ceremonious homage hee may tender unto Christ, yet ingood carnet/ he isdimmed of him,anddares not preferrethe yokeofChriti before the lulls of the world, or the reproaches of Chrifl before the treafures of the world. Why should it be treafon tokill a judge in his mini- Ilene on the bench ?or esteemed an injurie to the flare to doe any indignitie to the Ambaffadour of a great prince ? but becaufe in Inch relations they are perfons publike and reprefentative, at eons", bona melaque ad Rempublicampertineant ? why should the fupreme Offi- cer ofthekingdomeWrite repmeipfo in the name and _power ofhis Prince, but becaufe he bath a more imme- diate