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The glorieof thego ell. 1011m1r...,..03.1* diate rep refentationof his facredperfon, and commit& on thereunto Surely the cart is the fame IntweenChrifl and his Mufflers in their holy fun6lion. And therefore weLinde the expreffions proinircuous : fometimes ;Am r Kew., the Gofpell of Chrifl ; and fometimes a).),), - hot Iz&pc...34y Goffieit fometimes .r6 ;tin 2,,q;e Xerre, 7be preaching of him Chrill ; and foinetimes za "Pll '/SC PS, My preaching; In the vercue of which 0,nergie and co partnerfhipwith Chrill and withGod, as he caved), fo wefave; ashe forgiveth finnes, fo we forgive them; ashe judgeth wicked men, fo wee judge them ; as he befee- cheth, fo wedie befeech, faith the Apofile, that you bee reconciled,and receivenot thegrace of God in ?mine. Wee byhis Grace, and heby our minfflerie. He therefore thatdefpifeth any convi6ion out of the Booke ofGod (and he that obeyeth not loth defpik, for the Lord cal- kth difobedience, rebellion, flubborneneffe, and a reje- aing of his word, I Sanod 5.22,23.) He that perlifieth in any knowne finne, or in the conflant °million ofany evident dutie, fighteth againfl Chria himfelfe,throweth awayhis owne mercy", aoppethhis cares at the entrea- ties ofthe Lord; and cornmitteth a finne direly againfl Heaven. And if he fo peal God will make himknow, that there is flaming fire prepared for thole that obey. not the Gofpell of our Lordjefus Chrifl, 2 Theft .8. I Therefore whenfocver we comeunto the Word read or preached wee fhould come with an expeelation to heare Chrffl himfelfe fpeaking from heavenunto us,and bring fuch affcaions of fubmiflion and obedience as becommethhis prefence. Let him thatbath an-eare heare what thelpiritfaith unto the Churches. I will hearewhat God theLordwillffieake,for be will fpeake peace unto'his people. Chrillsfheepedifeerne his voyce in the difpenfati- onof the Gofpell, and will not know thevoice of chan- gers. And thiswas the honour ofthe Theffalonians and the men of Berea, that in the preachingof theWord they 117 VERSE 2. Rom.' 5.I q Roni.z.16. Rom i6.z le I COr.2.4. I COri 9. Cor.6.1. larn.f o. Iohn 20.21. Ezek zo 4. z Cor. s.zo. d'Neat4 l're elyadicept- peer leA610. Cbryfert. Re ve1.1 7. Pfa1.85.8. Ioh. I o. 4,y. a Theax3. Aet.17,I I.