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178 VERSE 2. Ezek.4.7.8,9. Efai. 33.5,60. Mataral,q. Tit.3.6. Heb.6.7. 1°1)404. Efaiax.9. - Efai.44;3* Ezels.47MAA I Theglorieoftheg4el1. the povertyofa low condition, the griefe and vexation of the finnes ofmen, the overshadowingofhis divine venue, the forthe and entertainement ofa fervant, the burdenof theguilt offinne, the burden of the Law of God, the ignominie of a bafc death, the agonie ofa curleddeath. But when hee afcended up onhigh, like the Sunne in his glory,hee then difpell'd all thefe and now fendeth forth thole glorious bearnes ofhis gofpell andSpirit, which are the two wings,by which he commeth unto the Churches, and soder which thehea- ling and falvatien ofthe world is tre'afttred. lobneBaptifi was the lafl and greatefl of all the Prophets who fore- toldof Chrift,a greaterhad not beetleborneofwomen, andyet hewas leffe than the leaf+ in the 'kingdortie of heaven, that is, than 'the leaf+of thofe upon whom the PrOinife oftheSpirit was fhed abroad,for the more glo- rious manifeflation of the kingdome of his Gofpell. All the Prophetsand the Law prophefieduntill John ; butat the comming of Chrifi they feem'd tobee takenaway, not by way ofabrogation and extingoifbrnent,-as the cc- remonies,but by wayofexceffeand excellency, sit Ile& exilioresadexortsonfolie,as theOrator @cakes fo faith the Apoftle, Eventhat which was made glorious, hadno glory in this refp 4, by reale» of OmGlory that execfietb Therefore the full Revelation ofthe Gofpell is calkd An effegion oftherpirit, not in dew, but in (homes of raine, which multiply into'rivers of living water (for the raine ofthe fpirit floweth from heaven as from a fpring) and intowelt ofSalvation, and into apa ofkacireledge.Which attributes note untous two things : Firfl,tbe abandance 'offpirititall grace and knowledge by the Gofpell, it should be a River: Secondly, the groth and increafe thereof, it Mould' be /hitwater, multiplying and fwel- ling uplike'the watersoftheSautitiary;till it cat= to a botionieleffe anduameafutable"feaofeterball life. And, to touch that 'Which wasbefore frokenof,very glorious are