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ThePover ofthegoffiell. are the vertues of the Spirit in the Gofpell, intimated in thisfimilitude offiviv water. Toquench the wrath of God,thatotherwifecon fuming&unextinguifhable fury, which devoured', the adyerfaries with everlafling bur- pings. To frisfie thofedefies of the thirfty foule which it felfebegetteth : for the Spirit is both for medicineand for meate ; for medicinetto cure the dull and averfeap- petites Ofthe foule ; arn4 fq; 1,1,eate,t0,4tisAe, then). The Spirit is both4 ,Fpinikeli#.pplic4tion 4 44S,pirijofgr oWe orratil4allon A Spirit of fiipplication, &reefing us to pray; and a Spirit of Grace, fupplying thofe requefis and fatisfying thofe defies which hitilfclfe dice dictate. aTO cleanfe, toputifie, tomoilik to talc; baway the barrenneffe ofour oaturali hearti. To c W494 and communicate it felfe to others. To d withflan4 and fub- due every obfiacle that is kt up againfl it. To continue and to multiply to the end. By this then wee learne the way 4fni? toabaund irk grace and glory, and how to bee transformed into the Image of Chriil. The beanie andlight ofthe Sunne is the vehicidani of the heate and influenceoftheSunne ; fo the light oftheGofpell of Chrift is that which con- veieth the venue and gracious workings ofhis Spirit up- on the foule. And therefore we are to lecke thole vane- ties ofgrace, which arc for meate to fatisfie the defires, and for medicine to cure the bruizes of the foule, onely upon the bankes ofthe waters ofthe Sanauary, that in the knowledge of the word of truth, which is the Gofpell of Salvation. Themore of this glorious light a manhath,the more proportion ofall other graces will he have too. And therefore the Apofile puts thegrowth of thee two- together, as contributing a mutual' fuc- cour,untoone another, Grow in grace, and in theknow- ledgeafoot. Lord !elite Chrill, Your Grace will inlarge your defires ofknowledge, and your knowledge will multiply your degrees ofGrace. And Saint budtnakes Na the 179 VERSE 2. Efai.33.4. Ezek.47.Is. ZtCh,11. O. a Ezek.364c. b Ezek. n.19. Ma1,3J6. Ga1.6.1,z. d Ezek.47.1z. aPer.3.I S.