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TheeJrticles ofDavuis Creed. 1 ceremoniall Law he fulfilled and abolifhed, the mord Law hee fulfilled and efiablifhed; that his obedience thereunto might be the ground afoul: righteoufnefe,and his Spirit and grace therewith might bee theground of our Obedience. And therefore it is called the Law of C1771.114 For theProphets,he is the Surnme ofthem too, for to him they give all vvitneffe. He is the Author of their Prophefies, they fpake byhis Spirit; andhe is the obje61 oftheir Prophefies, they fpake ofthe grace and falvation which was tocome byhim. So that the whole Scriptures are nothing elle but a Teflimonie ofChria, and faith in bin-1,0f that abfolute and univerfall neceffitie which is laid upon all theworld to beleeve in his name. It is not onely neceffitas pracepti,becaufe wee are there- unto commanded, butneceffitas medii too, becaufe he is the onely Ladder betweene earth and heaven, thealone mediator betweene God and man,in him there is a final' andunabolifhable covenant eflablifhed, and there is no name but hisunder heavenbywhich aman can belaved. In confiderationofall which,& forthat I haue formerly difcovered the infafficiency of any either inward, or outward principle ofmans happineffe,fave only the Life ofCbrifl, I have chofen to fpeakevpon this Pfalme, and out ofit to difcover thole wayes, whereby the Lifeof Chrifi is difpenced & adminifired towards his Church. For this Pfalme is one ofthe cleerefi and moll compen- ..dious prophefies of the Perfon and Offices ofChrift in jibe whole OldTeflament, and fo full of fundamentall truth, that I (hall not fhunne to call it SynobolumDavi- dicum, the Prophet DavidsCreed. And indeed there are very few, ifany, ofthe Articles ofthat Creed,which we all generallyprofeffe, which are not either plainely ex- preffed, or by moll evident implication couched in this little modell. Fira, the Dollrine oftheTrinitie is in the firft words; The Lordfaid unto my Lord. There is lehovab theFather, and My Lord, theSonne, and the B 2 fan6lifi- 3 VER S E Ga1.6,z. Act 10.43. Per,rao.n. 10E5.39. x Ioh 3.z3. A61..4.1 2.