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i8 I Hon, Chrill a Lordtous, VERSE I. Matth.9.6. Iohn5.25,7.6. x Cor.6. t 1. John6.4o. Hcba.x8. Hcb.7.zs. Iohn 6.39. & ro.28. Revels x.xo. Phi1.3.21. ram., Thirdly, By the right of VniiiontOffice, and rne- diatorfhip, untowhich he was deigned by his Father. He was to have in all things the preeminenct,Foritplea- fed the Father that in himfhould allMimic dwell, Cola. 18, t9. Where by fulneffeeither wee mutt underhand fulneffe ofthe Godhead bodily, asThe Apoille fpeakes, Col.2.9. Or fulneffe oftheSpirit ofGrace,which S./ohn fpeakes of/oba.t6. lob. 3.34. And in both refpeds he is a Loid over all : in one, by the Dignity ofhisHypo- flaticall union ; in the other,by the graceofhis heavenly unction ; and in both as Mediator, and head in the Church. Therefore the Apoille faith, That God bath made him Lord and Chrill, All.2.36. and by the ac- complifhment ofhis office, in dying,rifing, and reviving he became Lordboth ofthe dead and living,Rom.14.9. Reve/.5. t 2. And thus he is Lord in two refpeas : Fircf,ALord in Power and ftrength. Power to forgive finnes ; Power to quicken whom hee will; Power to cleanfe, juflifie, and fanaifie; Power to fuccor in temptations;Power to raife from the dead ; Power to lave to theuttermoti all that comeunto God by him; Power to hold fah his fheepe ; Power to calf out the accuferofthe brethren; Power to put downe all his enemies ' and to fubdue all things unto himfelfe. Secondly, A Lord in Autheritie ; To judge,to anoint, to imploy, to command whom and what hee will. He onely is Lord over our perfons,over our faith, over our coniciences : To him onely we muff fay, Lord, flve us let wee perifh;to himonely wee muff fay, Lord, what will thou have me to doe ? And fuck a LordChrift was tohis ovinefore-fathers. They all did ewe of the fiarne Spiritgall meate , andall oiranke of the fameSpiritnad drknke even of- that rock,' which was Chrifi, t,4. He was the fubhance ofthe Ceremonies , the Doarine of the Prophets , the accornpliChment ofthe Promifes,the joy and falvation of Patriarchs