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TheAke a type of (-brill. ........... Thus after the wall ofIerufalem was built,and thewor- fhip ofGod reflored, and the LaVti read and expounded byEtra to the people aftertheir captivitie,it is laid ,that thepeople dideateanddrinkandfendportions,Nehern.8. 1o, 12. The likeforme was by the people ofthe Iewes obferved in their feaft of Purim, Efler.9.22, And the famecuflome bath bin obfirved ainong(1heathen Prin- ces upon folemne and great occafions to diftribute do- nations and congiaries amonga the people.Thus Chria in the day of his Majeffie and Inauguration, in that great and folemne triumph, when he afcendedup onhigh andled captivity captive, he did withallgive gifts unto men, Chrifi was notably typified in the Arkofthe ment. In it were theTables oftheLaw, to Phew that the whole Lan,was in Chrififulfilled,andthat he was the end oftheLaw forRighteoufneffe to thole that beleeve in him. There was thegolden pot which had Manna, to fignifie thatheavenly,and abiding nourifhment which from him the Churchreceiveth.There wasthe RodofAaronwhich budded. Signifying either the miraculous incarnation of Chrifi in a Virgin, or his fufferings which are expreffed by flripes,Efai.5 3.5. and our refurre&ionwith him,no- ted in the budding of a dry rod. Or lailly, noting the fanRifyingand fruitfull ertue of his word which is the rodofhis firength. Vpon it alto was the Mercie feate, tonote that in Chrifi is the foundationofall that mercie andatonement which is preached unto men. But in two things principally did it fignifie Chrifi unto our prefent purpofe : Firff,It was overlaid within and without with gold, and hada Crowne of gold roundabout it, Exod. 25.1/.37.2. denoting the plentifull and glorious King- dome ofChriftwho was crowned with glorie andho- nor, Heb.2.7. Secondly, it had rings by which it was carried up anddowne, till at Jai+ it retied in Salomon! Temple, with glorious and triamphall folemnitie, D 2 Fled. VER S Et I. Tiberius in tri- ungibo Germa- nicecongiarium tricenos num- mos viritim de- 1 dit. Sueton. Divifit in s lung congiars- um, ist mos eft Imperium fufii- pientibus.Hero- dian.lib.5.& de Septimio Severo Nigna congiario popalum prole- cutuseftI6 3. vid. Sueton. A tig.cap & !Elam Lam- Antoni- no. Obfervatam fait ut principes afpimpto Impe. rio, adcoueili- andumlivorem, conglarium da- rentpopalo,d-t. Alex. abAlex. Genial dier.lib. 5. C.24. 3