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The Spirit vorkesjoy inour hearts. Firfl, the Spirit worketh joy in Glifcovering,and bending theheart to mourn forcorruption. For it is the Spirit of grace and fupplications which maketh (innersmourne, and loath themfelves, Zech. 1 2.10,1 I. Ezek; 36. 27. 3 I. 4 Tvis 71MM :',tati and fuch a forrow as this is the feed, and the matter of Wie's true joy; our lofephs heart was full ofjoy, when his eyes grrhicetiA,if. dra powred out tears upon Benjamins neck. As in wicked laughter the heart may be forrowfull, fo inholy mour- ning the heart may rejoyce, for all Spirituall affliaions have a peaceable finite. This was the firfi glimpfe and beame of the. Prodigals joy that he rcfolv'd with teares and repentance to return to his Father againc. For there isa fweete complacencie in an humble and Spiri- tuall heart to be vile in its owne eyes l as to the hungry foule every bitter thing is fweete. Sacrifices weknow were tobe offeredupwith joy,Md. 2.1 3. andofall Sa- crsfces a brokenheart is that which Godmoll delighteth in,PfaLs1 .16,Z7. there is joyin heavenat the repentance of (inner, and therefore there muff needs be joy in the heart itfelfe which repenteth, in as much as ithath hea. venly afFeaions begunne in it. Therefore as the Apofile faith,Let a manbecome afoole that hemay be wife, fo may I truly fay,let a man become a rnourner,that hemay re. joyce. If it be obje&ed how one contrary affcaion can be the groundand inducement ofanother, and that he who feeleth the weight offinne, and difpleafurc ofGodcan have little reafon to boafi of much joy. To this I an- (were, Pith, that we doe not fpcake oft hofe extraordi- nary combates , and grapplings with the fenfe of the wrathofGod, breaking of bones, and burning ofbo- wels, which fome havefelt,but ofthe ordinary humilia- tions and courfes ofrepentance, whichare common to all. Secondly, that fuch Spirituallmourning and joy are not contrary in regard ofthe Spirit, nor doe one extin- gulchor expel! the other. As black and white are con. E trary 49 VERSE I.