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Continuanceofarills IQngdoane. tIfftsvoqmssaris. ceived and fiipplied but in meafure, though but a firioa- king and fuppreffed fire,fhall yet breake forth in vi6lory and judgment againtl all that refill it. In us indeed there is nothing that feeds, but onely that which refills and quencheth it. But this is the wonderfull vertue ofthe Spirit of Chriain his rnernbers,that it nourileth it Idle. Therefore fometimes the Spirit is calledfire , erai.4.4. Matth. 3. 1 i. and fometimes Oyle,fieb.I .9. 1012.2. 27. to note that the Spirit is nutriment unto it felre,that that gracewhich wehave receivedalready, is preferved and excited by new fupplies ofthe fame grace. Which fiip- plies we are lure (hall be given to all that aske them, by thevertueofChrigs prayer, loh.t 4.16. by thevertue of his and his Fathers prorni f e, Ioha 6.7. 411.1.4. andby the venueofthat Office which he fill beares,which is to be thehead, orvitall principle of all holineffe and'grace unto the Church. And all thefe are permanent things, and therefore the vertueof themabideth , their effeols are never totally interrupted. Fiftly and latIly,thisfittingof Chrig at theright hand of godnoteth his interceffion in the behalle of thewhole Church, and each member thereof. Who is he that cos- demneth ? faith the .Spode, it is Chrifi that is dead, yea rather that is rife,' againe,who is even at the right handof god,ivhoalfo maketh interceffionfir iss, Rm.&34. But, ofthisDooirine I (hall fpeake more fitly in the fourth verfe, it being a great partofthe PriefihoodofChrilt. I now proceed to the lafl thing in this firtl verfe, the continuance and riaories ofChrigsKingclome, in thefe words, twill Imake thyfoes thyfOotgoole: Wherinevery word is full ofweight. For though ordinarily fubdivi- lions ofholy Scripture, and crumbling of the bread of life,be rather a looting than an expoundingofit; yet in fuck partsofit as were ofpurpofe intended for models andfummaries offundamentall Doarine, (ofwhich fort this PfaInse is one of the fulled and briefest in thewhole E 4 Scrip- 55 VERSE I. 0