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. 7he Epijtle 'IJedicats'I"J.l'. to hear, wsen ~he Husband Chrifl 1hall fay to the mighty Angelr, M11ke you ready for the Journey, fet Uf gr~ down anddivide the Skies, iJnd baw the Heaven: Ill gather (my Prifoners of Hope unto me; I can want my Ra~hel1m1 her' weeplng Children no longer : Behold I come quzckly tD ;adge tha Nation!. The Bride, the Lamb's Wt(e, bleffeth the Feet of the Meflenger that preacheth fl'tch Tidings. Rejoz'ce, 0 Zion, put on thy beautiful Garments ; thy [(z'ng is , comz'ng : Yea, fue l9veth that Q_larter of the Sky, that• .being rent afunder and cloven, fuall yield to her Husband, when he :fh<\ll put through his glorious Hand, and !hall come riding on the Rainbow and Clouds to receive her to himfelf. The CQndition of the People of God in the Three Kingdoms calleth fo.r thi~, That ~-now wife'y confider wh~t tla~ Lord IS aomg ; there ts a Language of the Lord's Plre in Zt'ou, and ht's Furnace in Jerujalem: If we could miderftand the Voice of the crying Rod. The Arrows of God fiee beyond us and befide us; but we fee little of God in them: We fail, but we fee not Shore ; we :fight, but we have no ViCtory: The Efficacy of fecond C.:aufes is the whole Burden of the Bufinefs ; and this Burden w~ lay npon Creatures (and it is more than they can bear) and not upon the Lord : God is crying Lamenefs on Creatures and Multitude, that his Eminency of working may be more feen. 2.. Many are Friends to the Succds ·ofReformation, not to Reformation : Ivlens Faith go along with the Promifes, untill Providence feem to them to beHe the Promife. Through Light at a Key-hole many fee God in thefe Confufions in the Three Kingdoms; but they fall away, becaufe th.eir 'joyning with the Caufc was violent Kindnefs tQ · Chrifl : 'Tis not a Frind's Viftt, to be driven to a Friends Houfe, to be dry in a Shower, and then occafionally to vifit Wife and Children : . Cl•rift hath too many occafiomH Friend's; but the Ground 9f all is thi~, I !o7Je Jcfus Clui~, but liHr.;e not tb& Gift of b~~,r. t 4 / 'tJing