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65 The Trial and St RM. 7 . Sf! irit, Jer. 32. 39· ~zek. 36., 26, 27. For out of htS Futne{s we recetve, and Grace for Grar:e, J ohn 1. r 6. 2. J uftification is promifed to 'Chrift, not perfonal, as jfbc needed a Pardon for $in, but o_f his Cau~e, there is a Cautionary or Suretyr1ghteouft1efs due to the Surety when he bath paid the Debt of the broken Man, and cometh out of Prifon free by Law, fo he came out of the Grave for our Righteoufnds; but having firft the Righ- .teoufnefs of his Caufe in his own Perfon, Ifa. 50. 8. l-Ie is near that .iuftijieth me ( fgith Chrift) who jball crmtend with me? 1 Tim. 3· I 6. :Juflified in the Spirit. So ha=:·e we Juftification ofour PerfoMs, and Remiffion in his Blood, Eph. I. 1· and that by Covenant, :fer. 31. p ,, 33· 3· Victory and Dominion is promifed to Chrift, Pfalm 110. 1. 2. Pfalm 89. 21. &c. 1 Cor. I 5· 25. Re· mJ,lft reign till he bath' put all his Enemies under ~is Feet, and Victory over all our Enemies is promifed to us, J'ohn 16. 33· and 14. 30. Rom. 6. 14, 15. Gat. 3· I3· Cot. 2.. I4· 15. 4· The Kingpom and Glory is fought by Chrifl. 7ohn q. 5· frl')m his Father; then he had a Word.of Promife frotn his Father for it, Phit. z.. 9~ 10. an<;l we have that -alfo. Luke 1 2. 3 2. .7ohn I7. ~4.' :7ohn I 4• ,J, 2, 3· ). Chrifl had a Word of Promife, when he went down to the Grave, as fome Favourite by Law goeth to Prifon, but bath in his .:Bofom from his Prince, a Bill of Grace, that within three Days he Ihall come out to enjoy all his wonted Honours and Court, Pfolm 16. ro, II. fc, have we the like, yohn u. z.6. and 6. 38, 39· SERMON