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,, ·, ' I S£RM. 8 Tritimph if Fait!i. 67; SERMON VIII~ ' ,.. . T. He ConditiQn of the Coveilant is Faith f HaIinefs and SanB:'ification is the Conditton of Covenanters., Ga}. 4• 2 I, 2 2, 2 3, !2.4·.; Rom. I o. 4, 5, 6, 7. 'Ibis do was the Condition of the Covenant of Works. 'Ibis helieve, is the Condition of this Covenant; becaufe Faith fendeth a Man out of himfelf, and taketh him olf hi~ own Bottom; that in Chriff he may have his Righteo'.lfnefs: Works is a more felfy Condition, and giveth therefore; 2. Lefs Glory to God: Faith holdeth forth God in Chrift in the rnoft lively and lovely Properties of Free-Grace, Mercy, Love tranfcendent; hence a Believer as fuch cannot poffibly glory in hirrifelf; all that Faith hath, is by Way of receiving, and begging wife; , . , _. Objefl. I. . ut fome te3:ch, that thls Covenant ~ath no' Conditto at all: So Dr. Otifpe and other. Libertines;: For this is a1z everlafling Covenant, Man is not now jo confirmed in Gr,qcq, but he may fait in believing, and fo foon as the Conclitionfaiteth, the Cov~nant faileth, as we 'foe in the fi_rfl .Covenant. Anf'.JJ.. i. That we p.ave no c~nfirmmg Grace to eftabhfh us to th<;, Day of Chrtft, is to teach with forhe Fam:ilift~, That there is no Grace in found Jletievers, different in Kind ana ,Ntttture, that Grace which is in many Hypocrites. Yea, but ~he Pure in Spirit are bldied, and /hall fee God, Hypocrites are no~ fo.. And \Yhat elfe is this but the King's Road-way ~o the Apoftacy of the Saints, if Bel vers have 110t Cnrift for their Undertaker to bring hem to Glory? To inter,eed for them, Heb. ,II. o. Luke~~: 32, 33·. .E 2; 2 • .hnd I . I I