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SERM. 7 Triumph of Faith. o) Chrift and his Seed, ann thefe of two Sotts, general, fpecial: General, the Motber Promife, 1 wilt , be your God, is made both to Chrift, Pfalm 89. 26. He jhall cry to me, T'hou art my Father, my God, John 20. 1 7· Pfalm 22._ I: And to ~s, (I twit! be your God) how fweet 1s 1t1 . that Chnft having God to his ,Father by etern'al Birth-right, would take a new Covenant-right to God for our Caufe ? Oh ! what an Honour it is to be within the Covenant with the firft Heir? f?2!Jeft· But why are all the Promifes included in tliis one, 1 wilt 'be your God? · Anf·w. 1. Becaufe as Chrift bath Covenant-right to the Prornifes, by this Mother-right, that God is his God by Covenant, fo we firft muft have G{)d under the Rdation of a God made ours in a Covenant, a Father, a Husband, and then by Law, all his are ours. z. Chrifl Gr:d is more than Grace, Pardol'l, Holinefs, than created Glory, as the: Husband is excellenter than his Marriage-robe, Bracelets, Rings; and we are to lay our Lo"Ye and Faith principally upon the Father and the Son, more than all created Graces ; the Well and Fountain of Life is of more Excellency than the Streams, and the Tree of Life than the Apples of the Tree ofLife : Chrift himfelf, the objeB:ive Happinefs, is far above a created and formal Beatitude, which iffueth from him, as the whole is excellenter than the Part, the Cauie than the Effea. 1 , Special Promifes are made firft to Chrilt, and then by Proportion to us ; and they be thefc, I .. God promifeth to grace his Son above his Fellows, that he may die and fuffer, and merit to us Grace ~nfwerable to this: A new Heart, and a ne<z-v E .spirit,