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88 , The 1'riat and Sl!RM._ 10 Shadows of ourfdf; yet four Things are confider... i!tble in us to them. J. So to hold, as we are wil ... !ingly to let go, love them as Cr~atures only; of.,. · ten the CQ.ild is the Mothees .Daughter, and the Mother's GGd. ?-· We are to ftrive to have the"- freed from under the Power of the_Devil, as this Woman cloth ; for they come into the World Fuel for Hell; Parents make more .Account aU their Life to rnake Gold rather than Grace, their Chil... ~lren's Patrimony and Lega~y. 3· Look ar them as May-Flowers, as born to come and appear for a Spac~ in the Element of Death ; fo 1they fpert, l,augh, run, eat, drink, ~nd ~lifl-er like Comets in the Air, or flymg Meteors in ( the Sphere of the Clouds, and often go down to the Grave, befortr their Parents. ' 4· Beware of Selfi fhnefs, for Children Ol)rfeJ~ and their Sins white and innocent Sins to us : Eli honourerl his Sons more than God, , ~nd God put~ Mark of Wrath on his Houfe. My 7Jazqr,hter] Obferve the Rife of this Paffage of Providenc~ : Chrift wearied of .7udea camo to the Borders of :(rre and Sidon. ~. He went to a Houfe to hide himfelf rrom her. 3· She heard of Chrift. 4~ The hard Condition her Daughter was in, tonl.'lented with a Devil; upon this God qriveth her to Chrjft 5· Chrift is hereby declared tp be the Saviour of the Gentiles. 6. An illuftriot!S Miracle i~ wrought; fee a wife Confuciation of many AB-s ofProvi~ence, as one Clufter of Paffages of t~c Art of wife Ornnipotency; as many Herbs and van- _ ous forts of Flowers make up one pleafant and well :linell'd-Meadow; many Ro!es, Lilies,and the like,one fweet fmelljng Gardt;n, in which thofe praCtical Conf!de:-rations may have our Thoughts for Rnles. Rule I. Go not before God and Providence, but ' · · · , · ' · · follow