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SERM. 10 Trit~:mph ofFaith. 89 follow him, PrefCription of fuch and fuch Means to God and no other, is to ftint Omnipotency, and to limit the Holy One ()t Jjrael : The true Go~ tied to a fOrbidden Image, to reteiv~ G1ory, IS made an Idol ; f() to fetter God to thts ~1ean, a1 if not free to work by other Means, is idolatrous. ,_ , Rule 2. T'he Book of Providence is· full botlt Page and Margine, God bath been adding to it i\.mdry new Editions; and like Children we are in Love with the go!dcn Covering, the Ribbons, Filleting, and the Piaures in thr Frontifpiece, but underftand little of the .Arpument of Providence, '.Pfa lm l Oy. 4 3· is c;_,i(e, and will obferv! t!:Jefe Things, even they jhaU underfland the Lovi ng-kindnejs of the Lord. Job 32. 7· I {aid (fairll Ellhu) 'IJqys (Things of Providence) jhall Jpea_k, and Multttude of Tears jhouJd teach WifiJom : Getl i~ worthy to be chronicled. Rute ;. God bath not laid his Gad-head and Omnipotency in Pawn, in the Power of Means, , fo as God ufeth Means~ becaufe they are efficacious ; but becaufe he ufeth them they are efficacious: A Ram's Horn is as near of Blood to caufe the Tf'alls of .7ericho fall in 'God's Hand, as Eng ines ofWar;.a Straw is a Spear to Omnipotency. Rute 4· H1s Ways are often contrary to our Judgment, we ly and wait the Way to fee God come upon the T<,ps of the Mountains, but we are dec~ived1 he cometh the lower Way through the Valleys: We thought Omnipotence muft change the King's Heart, ere ft1ch Brambles as Pretates be thrown over the HedP.:e, but om King is himfe1t~ and Omnipotence ~~aketh another Way ; the Diiciples thought that Chrift wou]d make the._ .Kings and rcftore the Kingdom ; Chrift is dead and buried, \·