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9~ The Triat and SERM. 10 buriea, and he gocth another low Way, through Death's B~lly to make them King~ and Priefts to God ; Chnft goeth away, there be great "Endea. voun, and ..running thr6ugh Streets, Cities, Walls: 0 Street law you him, 0 bro~tcl Ways,(aw you him whom my Sout loveth? o -aear fVatchmen, where is he? But they are all dumb, Chrift takerh a: lower Way, Cant. 3· 4· It was but a little ihat I pa.ffod from tbem, but I found him whom mJ' Sout Joveth. R!tte 5· Slander not God's Ways ofProv_idence, with the Reproach of Confu:fion and Diforder; to" God all his Werks are good, very good as were the Works 0f _Creation. There is a long Chain,' · and Concatenarwn of God's Ways, Counfels, Decrees, Actions, I~ vents, Judgments, ,Mercies; there i~ White and Black, Good and Evil, crooked and ftraight interwoven m this Web, and the Links of this -Chain, partly Gold, partly Brafs, Iron and Clay, and the Threads of his Difpenfation go -a)ong tnrough the Patriarchs Days, Adam, Enoch, Nolth, Abraham, Ifaac, and are fpun through the Ages of Mofis and the Chur,ch in Egyf!t, and the 'W ildernefs, an~ come through the T1mes of the Kings of Jftaet and .fuclah, ind the Cjlptivities of the Churcn, and defcend a:Iong throngh the Gen~­ tationi of Prophets, Chnft, the Apoftles, per1e- ~uting Emperors, and Martyrdoms of the Witnd.fes bf Jefus, flain by the vVoman drunken with the !B l<Jod of the SA·ints," while the End of the Thread ai)d laft Link of the Chain be tied t9 the very Day · t>f the Marriage of the Lamb: Now in this long Contexture of Divine Providence you fee, 1. 1 Not ~ne Thread broken, A1v Father work.eth !lit herto, ~tnd I wortk) (faith Chrift) Providence hath no Vacancy,