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SFRM. 10 Triumph ofFaith. ~ 91 · Vacancy, but Caufes, ~Events, AB:ions, w_~ys, are , ~dl bordered one upon another, by the vV ti<lom of Providence, io that Links are chained, and fettered m Links, not by Hazard or Chance. 2. Tho' this Web be woven of Threads of divers Colours, black and white, comfo!·table and fad Paifages of ~ · God's. Providence ; yet all maketh a fair .Order in this long Way : /trc(Jb weepeth for his de-ad Child 7ofeph ~ 'foflph rejoiceth to come owt of :che Prifon to reign ; 'lJapid danceth wi th all his Might! before the Ark ; :lJ&v.Jd Wt'epeth fore for Abfatom h is Son's miferable Death : ,7ob •wt?jheth k/s Steps 'Lvit/tJ Jiutter, and the Candle of rLe Af.mighty fbineth on his Head; and .7ob defi teth his Horn in the 'IJufl, and lieth un Afhes, and mourneth; all ,is Beauty and Order to God. Rule 6. Put the Frame of the Spirit .in Equitibrio, in a compofed, frayed, indiffe-..·ent Serenity of Mind, looking to both Sides, black anti white of God's Providence: So holy Va·vid was above hi~ / Crofs, 2 Sam. 1 5. !. 5, 26. If I j/Jatt ftniJ Favour in the EJGS .of the Lord, he will bring me again., and fhew me both the Ark, and his Habitation: :But if he thu$ fay, I have no ~elight in thee: 1Jehold here am I, let him do to me as feemeth. !{OOd: He putteth his Soul upon God's two Ifs, if he fave 'tis good, if he deftroy 'tis good: Make fure this general, Chrifl is mine: At that Anr:hor., in this Harbour my !7ejfet mufl ride : ·what ever 'Vind blow in Externals1 Chrill died for me: If I _ live 'tis in Chrift ; if I clie, 'tis to Chrilt; jf I ride with Prfnce~tr--Eorfes, . 'tis good ; if I go on Foot with Servants, it is gm1cl; 'f Chrift hi(Je his Face and fi·own , 'ris Chrift, 'ti ,~, good ; if it ,be full Moon~ and he over!hadow the Soul with Ra-ys ctnd Beams - 9f