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'~ The Triat a1td SERM. ro (}[Love and Light, 'tis a] fo Chrift, 'tis alfo good. Rule 7. In ail Things blefs Chrift, let thy Defires be low, .7er. 45· 5· Seekeft thou great T'hings for thy /el/.2 Seek them not, faith 7eremiah -to :Baruck: 'Tis eafter to add to Defires, than to fubftraB:; better the Heart afcend from a Sailet of Herbs to Wines1 than compel thy Spirit to defcend and weeo. · Rule ~8. Faith's Speculations to the worft and , hardeft, in Point of Refolution, is fweet: Yob putteth on a Conclufion of Faith, from black Premiffes: S~1ppofe the Devil and Hell form the Premilfes, ·Faith can make a Concl ufton of God and of Heaven: What .if God fhould kill me ? What tho' it -were fo? Tet I will trufl in God, J~b. q. I 5· What if he throw me jn Hell? It were well reiolved, I would out of the Pit of Devils, cry, Hallelujah, praife the Lord in his 7uflice: What if the Enemy in War prevail over me? What if 1 were brought from Scarlet to embrace the '.l.Junghitt ·? Faith can fhape what Providence pofitbly may never fow: What if I be brought to the Wheel, to the Rack, to burmng quick .2 1 Rule 9· There's a Myftery of Providence, that we fee not, we know not what God is doing with us, when he is binding us: As the Sheep hath no Notion ofDeath in its Fancy, even when the Knife is at its Throat, fo are we. Rule I o. Providence walketh long in Uncertain.. .ties; his Way, that 'ruleth the W~rld, is jn the C~oU<~s: Peace is .within a Step, yet cometh not fu!l V taory and DelJverancr: near, and th~my J, well nigh fubdued : An<L--tht -:Lord turneth the Scalei, and lay~th-n-s~ again: Life is within the eigh!-Pa-(f of a Span to Acbab, yet God fo tim- -~ ak