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SE R M. 1 :r Triumph ofFaith. '3 eth and placeth Vengeance, that the Arrow o! God mull: pitch on no Place, but between the Jotnts of the Harnefs, and Ahab is killed. Rule I r. We are with alrSilence and ~ietnef! ofSpirit to fubmit to God's Ways, not to fret; believing can eafe us, difputing cannot. Rut'e I 2. 'T1s eafier to fee what is inflitled on liS, than to fee who inflideth it: Evil cometh, arJd we look no higher than the Creature, as if the:: \Vorld created 1~felf- So is this, wpen we dream that the Creature moveth, and is not moved ofGod. Rule 1 3· This is to be obferved, That God afcendeth in all his Courfe, and Providence never goeth down the Mount: When .7ofeph goes down to the Pit, to the Prifon, God in his Courfe of Providence is going up, and advancing the Frame of beautiful Providence ; for :Jofeph's, going down, and his Fall, is a high::-r Step to God's exalting of .7ofeph, and faving his ·Church; .7udah's falling into Captivitgr, is not God's falling, but his advancing of the Work to do them good in the latter . End: Reformation goeth down when Obll:rud:ions and Let~ come in the Way; but God worketh on: . Second Cauies move backward and rnifcarry, when Omnipotency carrieth on the Lord's \Vm:k. I SE R M 0 N XI. :Matth. xv. 2 3· :But he anfwered her not a 1Vord: And his Vifciples came and befout;ht him,fa,,- inp;, Send her awaJ',forjhe crieth after us. · ~4 :But he anfwered and [aid, I am not fent, but unto the J~fl Sheep of the Houfe of J{raeJ. :z. 5 'fhen came jhe and ' ~orjhipped him, jaying~ · Lord, help me. Vfe