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SFRM. 12 Triumph of Faith. tor ftghing Church pained for the vVant ofher Lord, V. 9· What is thy 1ietoved more than another :Be~ loved, &c. 'Whereof is thy Chrift made? Of Gold? Or is thy Beloved more preaious than all Beloveds in the World Troubled }]annah grieved in Spirit, to Eti, is a drunken \Voman. The Angf'ls find .-, Mary Magdatene weeping, they leave her weeping, they give her a doCtrinal Comfort; TVoman, ,why weepe(l thou? he is not bere, he is rifen again. 1. Ifa String in the Confcience be broken, the A poftles that were with Magdatene cannot tye a Knot on it again: If there be a Rent in the Heart, fo as the two Sides of the Soul of the Weman rent .afunder, :lhe poor ·woman Hill weepeth ; 0 "'.JJby JPeak you, 0 Angets, to comfort me: ~hey have -takw away my Lord. Angets, ~JJhat are you to me? And jndeed they cannot few up the Woman's rented Heart. This is the Lord's Prerogative, Ija. 57· I 9· I create the Fruit of the Lips, Peace; I kno'w no Creator but one, and I- know no Peace-Creator but one ; Peace of Confcience is Grace,Grace is made of pure Nothing,and not made of Nature: Paftors may fpeak of Peace, but God fpeaketh Peace to bis Peoptc, Pfal. 8 5· 8. z. There be fome Atls ofNature, in which Men have no Hand; to bring Bread out of the Earth, and Vines, Men have a Hand; but in raifing Winds, in giving Rain, neither Y.ings, Armres of Men, nor ACts of Parliament have any Influence: The tempering of the Wheels and Motions of a difternpered Confcience is 1o high, and fupernatural a vVork, that Chrift behove-d to have the Spirit ofthe Lord on him above his Fellows, and muft be fent with a fpecial Commiffion to apply the iweet Hands, the foft merciful Fingers of the Mediator~ with the Art G 3 of