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xoi The Triat and SERM. I 1 of Heaven, I{a. 61. 1. That J(faith he) [Lachabojch]jhoutd as a Chirurgeon bind up with Sptints and c_8ands the broken in Heart, and comfott the Mourners in Sion. There muft 5· Be fome immediate Aaion of Omnipotency; efpecially when he fets a Ho~ of ~ .. error~ in Bat.t~e array againft _the Sou], as 1s evident m Saut, m :Job I 6. I 3·"· His Arche1·s compa(s me round about: That is, no lef.S than the Soul is like a Man, befet by Enemies ' round about, io as there is no Help in the Creature, but he muft die i~ the Midft of them, :Job. 6. 4· ':!'he '.lerrors of God do Jet them(etves in array againfl me: only the Lord of Hofls, by an immediate Action, raifeth tl1efe Soldiers, the Terrors of God, he only can calm them. Ufe r, What Wonder then that Miniflers, the Word, Comforts, 'Promifes, .Angels, Prophets, Apojltes, cannot . bind up a broken Heart, Friends cannot, while a good Word come from God ; 'Tis eafie for us on the Shoar to cry to thofe toffed on the Sea between Death and Life, Sait thus and thus; 'tis nothing to fpeak good Words to the Sick, yet Angels have not Skill 'of Experience in this; the affiiB:ed in Mind are like Infants that cannot ' tell their Difeafe, they apprehend Hell, and 'tis real Hell to them. Many Minifters are but Horfe Phyficians in this Difeafe; Wine and Mufick are but vain Remedies, there is need of a Creator of Peace; Jhe is frantick (f:1y they) and 'tis but a Pit ·of a natural Melancholy and DiftraB:ion. U]e z. The DifCiples are Phyficians of no Value to a Soul crying, and not hep.rd ofChrift. 9h! llf.ofes is a meek M<1;n, :JJavid a fweet Sinoer, 7ob and ·his Experience profitable; thi .Apofit:S God's lnltnul,lents, the Virgin. )1,1ary is full of Grace, the - glorified