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104 ' The Triat and SE R_M. 1 2,, to fin ; or then he knoweth Sin bath oiled the \\''heels and Inclinations, and fo cafieth in Firebrands, knowing that there's Powder and Firewood within us, in our ConCl.lpifcence; he fhould not offer to be a Father to the Brood of He11, if he knew not that a Seed and Mother were within us, except Chnft by Grace caft Water on our Lufts, and cool the Fur'nace, we conceive Flames eafily. z Pof. Neither Devils nor Men, nor our Heart may, without Sin, tempt or try the Creature by putting it to do that which may prove Sin, upon any Intention to try whether thin Creature Jhall obey God or not: Had Ahraham commanded ' Ifaac. to kill :Jacob his Son, to try whether Jfoac loved God or no, it had been a finful tempting ofhirn. A Crdature cannot put his Fellow-creature upon the Margine and Border ofDeath (fuch as .all Sin js) 1 to try if the Creature bath a good Head that cannot be giddy. God maytry Duties by Events, He is the Potter, we are the Cta:y: But Clay is limited to try 'Events upon Clay by Duties only, and not Duties by Events. '· 3· Pof. Wanton and vain Reafon would fay, Why did the wife Lord create fuch a '11-ee of Kno•wledge, the tajliny; whereof was the .fecond :JJeath by La<Zv, and that in Eve's E:;'e? TVh)'_.did not Gpd forti/:J' tlpe firfl bejieged Caflle, Eve's 'ff/itl and Mind witb Grace, that tbe Vay jhoutd not have been tloe :Devit's? Bur, 0 vain Man, is the Potter holden to make a V e{fel of Earth as ftrong as a Ve:{fel of Iron or Brafs, that tho' .it fall by no Fault of the Maker, it, fhall not be broken? We ~ay fay to Superiors of Clay, yea to Angels, Who .art thou that commandeft? And befide we may fay, JFha[ aoft thou? And, whj Jojt t /:Jou? And,tfi7Jat I · co?;'lma1Jdeft