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SERM. 11.- Triumph ofFaith. 105 commandeft thou~ another Gofpet, or no'? And wemay take their Will with a Referve; but we may know of G6d, r.5)uis, who he is, that he is Jehovah~ .But we are not~ enquire, quid and cur, Lord, why i!oft tbou this? Or, Lord, what is it thou command- ~ft? T~e Agent 'he_re warrants. the Atl:ion and all us Motives; God mfufeth W1fdom and Goodnefs in all his Ways, becaufethey are his Ways; Goodnefs is a Stranger to wb'ir Angels and Men do, except there be a fafer Law for their doing, than their Perfon. God muft have abfolute Obedience, tho' he feeketh .no blind Obedience; Men's AB:ions mufl: be warranted, not only from the Wifdom of the Doer, but alfo from the Nature of the Deed ; God's ACtions have all, and Abundance ofGoodnefs in them, fr0m the Lord. 'Tis enough to me what I iuffer (I mean it ought to be enough) if ten Hells for one Sin; if the abfolute ·Former of all Things do it: We love to put Law on God, whereas to examine Men's Commandments is Religion, we take them upon Truft: And to examine God's Ways, is Arrogancy; yet we muitjudge God. We f.('>e in permittin~ Sin in Bloods, in Confufton, in the Fall of Adam, more Fairnefs, Beauty, and Glory in Chrift Jefus, and this new Hea ven, than we can iee of Blacknefs of Hell, of Sin in Devils, and in Sin: Poffibly it fhould have been lawful to the Creature, and to Angels to permit Sin; fo they could and would from hence raife a Goipe), an Heaven of Free- ~"3'ra ce. Now for Temptations from God, we are to confider that they are' all ReafoJJ, ,all WifOom, all Goodneis. 1. Pof Chrift faith to the Difciples of her ( it bad be.::n finne Comfort if he had given heddf but one Word) I mn not font for this /1i0man, no1· for any ,'