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ro6 The Trial and S£RM. ri any of her Jllood and kindred; .fhe is a GentiJe,. I am {ent primarily for .'fews. Hence Chrift may .in Words, and to the Apprehenfion of weak Ones, fay, I am not thy Saviour, thou art not ar1y ofmy redeemed Ones. Chrift .may give rough Anfwers, when he hath a good Mmd; he put a hard Word , upon the Nobleman, .'fohn 4· that came to hjm for hisdying Son: re (and all your N~ttiorr) will not believe, except ye fee Signs and Wonders Never any Man 'faw and apprehended harder Things of God than :Jeremiah, chap. 1 5· v. I 8. 1Vilt thou be a!to;.;ether to me as a Liar, and as Waters that fait? ' z. Pof. H?w often doth the Promifes 0fthe'Gofpel ly at ,a dlil:ance to us, and we have four Doubts touching them ; I. They are not mine. In :JJijpenr fotion God dea!eth otherwi(e with me than with therefl; fo '.Z.Javid, Pfal. 22. 4· Our Father'strujled in thee,they trt~(led in thee,and thou deliveredfl them; and why lhouldhenotdeliverthee alfo? V. 6. Alas, 'tis not fo: Jlut I am·a Worm and no .llfan. So Ifa. 49· 1 3· Sing, 0 Heavens, be joyful, 0 Earth~ and · br~a.k forth into (iny,ing, 0 J1.1ountains. What is the Matter, that the Skies and Stars are bidden fing Pfalms? For God bath comforred his Ptople, and wit/ have Mercy upon his ajjli8ed. Tea,, but no Mercy for me, v. I 4· :But Sion faid, the Lord hathforfaken me, and my God hath f orgotten me; whoever (ind J!1crcy, God's Vijpenfation faith, I jhatt find none. 2. · For Un·worthine.fs and Sin, I am unct;pable of Merc_y; The forlorn Son dare not believe his Father will make him a Son in his Jio'ufe. Why? there is all his Reaion, Luke 1 5· 1S, 1 o. Fat/7pr, :, I have finni!d a?;ainjl Heaven, · and in thy Sig'l't, and anz no more worthy to be · catled