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SERM· 12 Triumph of Faith. ,, 107 catted th'Y Son, make me as one of thy h;reiJ Servants. Such was Peter's Reafoning; Lord, depart from me, for I am a finjut Man.. 3· I know nof hMJ' the Promifes .fhatt be made good to me, but Jt;feph had a Word, that the Sun, Moon, and thr eleven Stars {hould honour him, but how . that could be performed he faw not; when he was fold as a Slave, and that was far from Honour, yet was he to believe his Dream fhould be fulfilled: Ancl fo Abraham did adhere to the Promife~ '¥hen God commanded the Son 'of Promife to be killed, Ileb. 11. 1 9· Accounting that God 'Zt'as abte to raife him up, even from the dead. -4· 1 fee not the Time of the fulfilling , the Promife yet, Hab. 2. 3. ~ho' the Vijion tarry, wait for it, becaufe it wilt fore~ ty come, and not tarry. We are to remember, God <;an try all his Prornifes, in our feeming, through Hell, and the's black Hands, (as he led Chrift through Death, the Curfe, and Hell) and yet fulfil them; when Chrift is under a Stone, and buried, the Gofpe-l ff'ems to be buried. ;. P~[. Chrift is on both fides, he holdeth up, and throweth down, in one and the i~une AH ; he denieth the Woman to be his, and is .on_her fide tC) grace her, to believe that he is her's. Cbrift putteth his Child away, and he ddireth that his Child Jhould not be put away from him ; he is for 71lcob in his wreiHing, and as if he were againft him faith, Let me alone. Cbrift here doth both hold and draw, oppofe at~d defend at once. I anz not fent] He doth not }lete deny the Intereft of the Gentiles in the M~{fi.ah, bt:t his Meaning is, I am not firft and principL1Uy Jent~ 2. In " tiJe Fte.fh, and pe~{cnatty as Man for tl:;e Gentiles; t9 preach t}Je Gojpet to tbem,:and to work MiracJgs for