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to8 The Trial and SERM. rt /or them, hut principa"Jy as the Minijler of Circumci(ion, to the .7e·ws; therefore, Jllatth. 10. he forbiddeth his Difciples to go to the Samaritans, hut rather to preach to the Houfo of l{rael. Firft then a Word of Chrifl:'s fending, which ind udeth the1e three. . , 1. :IJejifTnation. 2.. §)galification. ' 3· .Special Commij]ion. I. The !1Jejig1tation was an ACl of divine and , ':"Oluntary Di1penfation, according "tO which t}l,e Second of the 'Trinity, the Son qj God, not the Father, not the Holy Ghotl, was defigned, and fet apart to take on him our Nature, Place, and the Office of the Mediator to redeem us, in his own Perfon : '"i'he Son was fitteft to be the firft and original Samp]ar of Sons; the Son by natural Generation was the moll: apt Perfon to be the perfect 'Mould and Pattem ofall the Sons by the Adoption of Grace, GaJ. 4· 4- TI1e fubftam:ial Power of God is in the Holy Ghoft, the perfona1 Riie and Fountain ofaU the E}(ct>Dencies1 ofGod, was in the Father; and fo, tho' then:~ was no Unfirnefs :in ei- . ther to he our King, Priejl, and Propl~et, yet the wve, Grace, Mercy. RiP-:hteonfDefs of God and his in...-!lnite Wifdom dwdleth 0 in the Son: 0 what .a Bargain of Love, that ( tci borrow the Word) the Lot ofmatchle:fs Love and Fn.-e-Gra.ce fell upon the Son : Son, 'I'Jl;Y rmly /;egotten Son, thou m rift go down empty thy /elf, and kaw Heavcrr, , and go ,. .and bri1;__f{ up the falk12 Scns out of Hell. Mankind Eke a precious Rin~ of Glory feD olftbe Finger of God, beitlg his Ima~e., and was broken; the Son muft ftoopdown} tho' it ~in his Back, to lift up the broken Jewd, and mend and ttftore it again:. and