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. SER M· x 2. Triut;tpb of Faith. · . 109 and fet it as a feal on the heart of God: Thts was the Rife Gf the Covenant from Etemity ; that Chrift gave his Word as the prime Son, that all the derived Sons fhould put their Hands and Hearts to thd Pen, and ftgn and fubfcribe the Covenant of ; Grace; the Writs, Evidences and Charters of our Salvation were concluded, and paffed the Si_,gn and Seal of the bldfed Trinity in Fleaven from .hternity: The Gofpel is not a Yefterday's Fable, 'tis an old Counfel of infinite Wifdom. z.. The Son was qualified, I. With 2; .pafiive Aptitude (to fpeak fo) to be a ~fan, that he might fuffer. z.. He was graced with all actual lndowments to be a Mediator; the Ground-work of all was the Grace of Unipn, the God-head dwelling bodily in hilfl. 2. The Sea of infufed Gra<;es above all his Fellows: To iay nothing' of what he learn· ed by Ex1'erienc~, being a Son put to School he learned his Leifon of Obedience, with many Stripes tho' an innocent Child, Heb. 7. 8. Hence he came loaded with Bleffings and Graces for all the curfed Sons. · 3· All was nothing except this Ambatfador of Heaven had alfo had a Commifi1on for us : But he lilrought t'wo Writs, two Books from Heavefi. 1. He came as a flying Angel with the everlafting Gofpel, to preach to all Nations. z. The Book of Life alfo; in the former were three AB:s of Law: So Chrift' ~s. our Savi?ur. both by Nature, and by a pofittve Law: Chpft and Grace is Law. I. Becaufe of~is Place and .Birth, being our[Goet] and neareft Ktnfman, he was more kind than any other here to redeem the fold Inheritance. Chrift's Natur~: in the Womb was Grace, 'tis nothing but Natmt') and that bad enough, for us to be bocn-: Chrift's