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110 The Trial and SERM. ·11. Chrift's Mother's Womb was Grace; it was Grace that the Son Ihould be conceived and born, and by this he had. Law to us. 2. Ch;fft's Act of dying was a fpectal Law, :John ro. 1 ~. '1/Jis CJmmandment received I of my Ff.!ther, that I jhould lay down my Life. 3· By l11s Death and RdurreEi:ion he is made a Prince by Law, arid harh Law and Authority to forgive Sins, .A!Js 5· 31. Mark 9· 6. AnO.Powerto give Life eternal, .7ohn 17 .2. And rule an by a new Law in hii pew Kingdom, M1tth. 28. 8. Our Heaven now is by Law and a fpecial Commiffion : But the Gofpel is a General, he brought all God's Secrets from Heaven, and in his fpecial Commiilion, Chrift hath (as it were) private InftruB:ions, Save (uch and fu~h Perfons, not any other, nof alt Ijraet, but the t&(l Sheep: Not the Goats; there's a great Myftet:y, how there be no double dealing in the Gofpel, and two contrary Wills tn God. Ufe r. He offereth in the Gofpd Life t<;> all, f9 they believe, and God mindeth to work Faith, and intendeth to befiow Life on a few only; likt; a King's Son co~ing to a Prifon ~f condemned Men, with offered Pardons to all, up~m Condition they acceptofthef1;1; but yet he :Gngleth out fome, and ' perfwadeth them to lay hold upon the Father's · Grace; and by the Head taketh them out, leaveth all the reft to J uftice: Yet is this no greater My1\:ery than this, Man.r are catted, but few are chojell.: So Chrift's fending with his Commi:ffion, cometh under a two-fold Notion ; one is, in the Intention of the Evangel; the orher is in the Int~ntion ofhim who propofeth the 'Evanp,:el to Men ; I mean God's Intention to give Faith~' and effdtual Grace. The former is nothing but God's moral Cornpla•