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~E. RM.l2 TriumphoJFaith. III Complacency of Grace, revealing an Obligation that all are to believe if they wopld be fa ved ; and upon their own Peril be It, if they reftlfe Chrift. This is the Heart and Mind of Ch ri f\: to Perfons, revealing two Things ;,.-I. Men's Duty. :;:.. God's Grace to give Life eternal to Believers; but the latter is not a moral Will in God only, but a real phyfical Will', (to fpeak fo) according to the which Chrift effetl:ually, ftrongly layeth Bands of Love, Cords of fweet inforcing Grace, to pedwade the Soul to take J efus Chrift. Chrift corneth to the Mind under a high A pprehenfion, with his rainy and wet Hair, knocking, and again knocking, ,to fhew his Face in fuch Soul-redeeming Beauty and Excellency, as the Sou~ muft be taken Captiye, fubducd and over-come wlth the Love of Chrtft: As the Spoufe is fo wrought on with the Beauty, Grace, Riches, Indowments of Excellency, \V ords of Love of iuch an Husband, that fhe is forced to fay, I have no Power, neither Heart nor Hand. to refufe you. Now the former Notion of the Gofpel is enough to lay on the Obligation ofBelieving on all ; fi> as tho' the Gofpel reveal not God's Purpofe · of Ele8:ion, (that is only and formally reveal- , ed in, and by God's efficacious working of Faith, ca:lled the inward Calling) yet it faith~ this to all, 1 Tau are all to believe no tefs than if tbere Cf.vere not any reprobated Perfons am.ongfl you : If therefore any difpairing ones, as Cain, yea, and many weak ones, refufe to believe on this Ground, (Why fbould I believe, tbe Gofpet bath e~cepterJ me, it belonr,eth not to me, I am a Reprobate) they are deluded; for the Goirel formally revealeth neither the Lord's. Decree oF Eleaion nor Reprobation; the embracmg of the Gofpel, ana the fina_l RejeB:ion