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SEll. ,14 · 'Triumph of F'aith.· · ·I 31 · lo(l Sheep; that there is room fqr he Wontan, and all believing Gentiles to· come in, t;tnd lay hold on the Covenant;.Senfe ofWretchednefs & Unbelief reprefent~th too narrow, & contratleth & abridgeth the Promifes, as if there were no place for thee, becaufe thou at:t thus & thus finful. Obj. I. -rhe King putteth forth a generat Proclamation to all Thieves : Oh (faith one) but t• · be may mean others, but not me: Why? He means cJhie ves in general, he excepteth none : Why jhoutdft thou fay, not m.e; Chrift beJongeth t_o jinners as (inners, he recetveth Jinners as jinners, .yea he a/ce?!lded on high to give Gift s to the rebettious,therf!jore there's no ,C?J3ali(ir:ation requir~ eel in Men, that believeth in Chri.ft, no, nor dot/J Unbelief debar a Man from Chr~fl, it only excludeth him f-rom th~ experimental Knowled~e that Chri(l is his . An[. x.'Tistrue,theGo.ffielexcepteth no.Man from Pardon, and all that hear the Gojpet are to be wearied and loaded, and to receive Chrift by Faith, as if God intended to fa ve them: But the Promifes of the Go{pel are npt fimply univerial, as if God intended and purpofed, that all and every one iliould be acb.lally redeem'ed and fa ved in ·ehrift, a-s Armt'nians teach, and fo God excepteth in his own hidden Decree, not a few, though he reveal not in the Gofpel who they are, yet he revealeth in the Gofpel the gene- . ral, that many are called, 'but fe·w are cho(en : . And I grant there's no Ground for any one .Man not to belie=ve upon this Ground, becaufe fome are reprobated from Eternity, . & it may be .I am one of thofe, for the contrary .ts a fure Logtck ; many are chofen to Life eternal, and it may be that I am one of thofe, :z.. It is moft untrue. that I 3 Cbrift