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' 134 , 'IheT'rial and ... SEll-141 ,, Chrift he!ongeth to flnners as finners, for then ,· Chr~ft fhould belong to all Unbelievers, how obftmate fo ever, even to thofe that fin againft the Ho~'f Ghoft. Nay, ~hrift brlongeth oxily to :finners eleB:ed to Glory, as eletl:ed to Glory in regard ofGod' Purpofe . a~d he belo~geth only to behevmg Smners a~ believing • in regard P.f atlual ?n!on .with Chrift, Eph. iii. 1 .;. Gal~ 11. 20. q. T1s falfe, that :finners · as £nners do receive Chrift, for fo Yudas and all ftnneis fhould receive Chrift: Now the Scripture fheweth that Beli'evers only receive him, :John i. 12. Gat. ii 20. Bph. iii. 1 7. 4· It's . falfe that !inners as finners believe in Chrift. This way of Libertines is a broad way for Sorcerers, Thieves, Mur . ·. therers, . Paricides, Idolaters, remaining in that damnable State to believe ; whereas !inners as . fuch, ftnners thus and thus qualified, are to believe, that is ·humbled, wearied, and Self-condemned Sinners only are . to believe, and come to Ghrift. 'Tis true,'all ftnners are obliged to believe, but to believe after the order of Free-Grace; that is, that they be £rft Self-loft and fick, and then be faved by the Phyfician. · . ·I cannot but here mention fome damnable Errors of Libertines, contrary to this Truth of Chrift ; as this, That the Spirit aas moft in the Saints, when they endeavour Jeajl. 1. It may be by Accident and through our Abu!e, who confide in our Endeavours and Works, that Grace and the Spirit will not flatter Merits, which are too natural to us ; that G,od let a iwea,tingwreftler ~ho bath fpent Nights in · Prayer, and iscareful m all means, and abundant in the work of the Lord : See and underftand, that Free·Grace, not · our