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SER: 14 Triumph ef Fak61 ~.. i ~) our En3~avours, leaderh us on to Heaven: Better 1t is I be confcious to my felf, that I am Cl-:rifi:'s Debtor, not Debtor to my fel£ z. That - we f~e Self to be wretched, apd that Selj loveth to fhare and to divide the Glory with ~ree-Grace. 3· That Chrit1: teferveth the flowing of his Tide; and the blowing of 1lis Wind to his own Free• Gr-ace, 7oJ.m ii i. 8. _And that Grace in its f lling the Sails js not in the Seamans power. But thts Erwr is the Daughter ofanother more damnable, that is, T hat . the Aaivity and E;fficacy of · Chri(i 's ~eath, is ~o ' kiU att ACJivity of Gra~ ces in his lvfembers, that Cbrift ma.'Y be alt ilt alt.This I take to be the Marrow of flelhy Libertinijme, that not only the Regenerate cannot fin, but they ot~ght to fin, that Grace may abound:; and that Chrift died for this End, that we lhould live in fin, the contrary of which is fa id, I .7ohn iii. 8. That Chr~(l -died that he might deflroy the works of the 'IJevit, that is Sin. Now, the not ftirr :ng up of the Grace of Chrift in us, is a grievous Sin, I 'Iim. iv. 14. · I Cor. xv· io. Tea,, he I Pet. ii. 24. 1lare our Sins, on the cfree, tha't ~e; being dead to Sins,jhoutd live unto Rtgh+tovfttefs: Rom. vi. 4· that we fhoutdwatk in ntJwnefs of Jife. And Gat. i. 4· Chrifl r,ave bimfe!f for us. that he might detirz.Jer us from this pr-efent evil World, accordiny; 10 the <U'itt of God and our Father. And I Pet. i. :~8. We are not redeemed from our vainConver{ation rueived by Tradition from our Fathers, by any corruptible Thing, 5c. This maketh good that which is the up-lhot of all the Antinomian-DoEhine, that Chrift is fo our Sanctification, that there is neither Law nor Gofpel which requireth of us that we be · Holy. Hence thei1· fifth Erros;; Here is a :great fti ;· a· ~tit