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·'· rt36 t7he rrrial and - SER. 14 · but ·Graces, and looking to Heart.r, !Jut give me Chri.ft, I look not for Graces, nor promifes, nor SanEiiftcation, ' tett me not of Medttations and :!Juties, but telt me of Chri.ft. So Chrjft bath not only fuffered for us all that he fuoula fi1ffer, io as 'tis Sacrilege to add to his Sufferings our own ; and the like Sacrilege it is for us to be Holy, and to add any of our aCl:ive Holinefs to his a&ve Obedience. So Mr. '.IOwn faith, Att our Obedience as 'tis the Work of the Spirit, 'tis paf fi_ve, and truly called the Fruit of the Spirit, Gal. v. 21. and fo 'tis an intire work, and unde- .filed, every way correfpqndent to the min4 ofthe efficient and Author, which is the Law and · , Rule he worketh by : Yiut as it is a8iveJy our ' Obedience, fo it is ,very imperfe8 and poJJuted; _51ea, flmpty c.on.fidered, 'tis a menjtrous Cloth and Vung; and their 36 Error. is, Att the A8ivity in a :Oelie·ver is to afJ to fin ; fo we can do nothing but fin, and we are to do nothing, ttay, not obliged to pray, but when the Spirit moveth us, tend that is the fVork of tbe Spirit : fVe are in it me~r Patients : So Er. 4· faith, If Chrifl wilt let me-fin, let him look to it, upon his !Jonour be it. Indeed, it ftandeth upon the Hnn- ' our of him who has promiied to keep us fpotlefs . untilthe Day of Chrift,and Chrift is fo an engaged Advocate to interceed for tht> Saints when they fin, that the redeemed of the Lord fall not away, but be prefente<l fpotlefs before the Lord in the Day of Chrift : But what is all this to annul ? I . All AEI:ion of Grace, and to footh Men up in a Lazie dead Faith ., ~.To take away all Commandments of Duties fo frequent in the Word of · Grace, which teacheth us to deny all pngodli- _nefs,