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SER.~ 15 Triumph of Faitl1 ·r 37 nefs, and to livefoberty,. rig~teouflJ amJ godly, in this prefent World, Ttt. u. I z. 3· To make an Oppofition between Chrift and his Grace, the Fountain and the Stream; John i. 16. "fit. i. 14. 1 7ohn iii. 8. bbj. If the A8ions of Grace be alJ turned upOtl this Axle-tree of God's gracious Will, what can 1 do,' when I am indijpo(ed to do goocl ? Anf. Ifthis be a rational Quei'tion, then is no Man~ond~mned becaufehc:·believeth notin the only begottenSonofGod contrary to 7ohn iii. 1 8,36.For Reprobates are finally indifpofed to believe. z.lndifpofition is pur fin that we fhould be humbled for, and Ink Water cannot wafh a black Cloth, fin excufeth not fin. ' SE R M 0 N XV. z5. ?.ben came .fhe and worfhipped him ;[aying Lord help me.] C Hrift had denyed her to be his, but fhe will not deny but Chrift is hers ; fee how a Believer is to carry himfelftowards Chrift deferring, frowninP.:• Chrift I. Anfwered her not one Word. z. He gave an Anfwer, but to the Difciples, not . to the Woman ; 0 dreadful ! Cl;lrift refufeth to give her one Word that· may go between her and Hell and Defpair. ; . .The Anfwar that he giveta is fadder and heavier than no Anfwer; 'tis as much. As Woman, I have nothing to do with, thee, ·I quit my Part of thee ; yet fhe is patient. :z.. She believeth. 3· She waiteth on a better Anfwer. 4· She continueth in pray}ng. 5. Her love is not abated, fhe cometh and adoretb. 6. Acknow- - ledgeth ~tr own M_ifery ; Lord help m~, and puttetli Chrlft as God m h1s own room to be adored. 7. sho-