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'138 The 1rial ~nd S~i. 1 >' 7· She taketh Chr1ft anght up, and feeth the Temptation to be a Temptation. 8. She run- ' neth to Chrift, fhe came nearer to him, and runn.eth not from him; .fhe daimeth to Chrift, though C_hrift had c~ft her of£ 1 ) PatJen'i Subi~mffion to God under Defertion is fweet : What though I faw n0 Reafon why I cry and fhout, and God anfweretn not. I. His Comforts and his Anfwers are his own FreeGraces ; he may do wirh his own what he thinks good, and Grace is no Debt. Hear, 0 Lord, for thy own foke! Dan. ix. 19. 2. Infinite Sovereignty may ]ay filence upon all Hearts; good Hezekiah. Ifa. xxxviii. 15· 1Vhat jhatt I jay? he hath fPoke,. unto me, and himfelfhath done it. It 'is an AB: of Heaven, I bear it with Mm~ · - z. She believeth~ Ija. 1. 11. There's a .high and noble Commandment laid upon the faid Spirit : He that watketh in 1Jarkrzeft, and feeth no Light, let him truft in the. Nameof!he Lm:d, and {iay upon his God. '1-· Ftll the Fteld wtth Faith, double ' or frequent AHs of Faith. PfaJm xxii. 1. My God, my God, r~hy haft thou forfaken me? Two Fajths, are a double breafrwork againft the Forts of Hell. 3· In the v.:reateft Extremity believe, even as -:David in th~ Borders of Hell, Pf. xxiii. 4· Tea, though I ~walk thrmq;h the valley of thejh(ldow of 'IJeath, I r.JJiJt fear no Evil ; it's a Litote, I will believe Good : It's a cold and a dark fhadow to walk at ~ath's right ftde, Yob xiii. I 5· cihough he flay mP,-yet wilt I truft in him : ~ee Step hen dying and believing both at once, Chr~Ws very dead Corps and his Grave in a fort bel~ev• .., . mg,