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I 5, The 'rripl and, SER. 16 Obferve alfo, that not to dare to come to Chr'ift, and believe and pray, becau1e of t.Jnworthineis, fuch asis in Dogs that are without ,the new City, Rev. xxii. 1 5. is but a very Temptation : And Chri(l under the Notion of Tempting and · tryiag~ offereth that to the Woman, that fhe W<lS too1 daring and bold, being a Dcg, to preiume to a~kt for the Childrens Bread ; Hence have we ~o con~ :fider, how far the Confcience of fin ought to ilandin our way toward Chrift; Hence theie Conftderati~ns, I. Confcience of fin is ·to humble any, that is, to m~ke out for Chri.ft, Act 9· Saul, .Saul, why perfecutefl thou me ? Spoken by Chrift, brought Paul down offhis high Horfe, & laid his Soul on the Duft, Rom. iii. 1 9· ' 1\mv ~ we know that what things fae~·er the Law / ' faith, it faith to them who are under the Law, c that every Mouth may be ftopped, and all the ,. World may become guilty before God: ' It's a Speech taken from a Malefactor arraigned and pannelled upon his Head : When the J udge obJeB:eth. ' What fay you? This and this Tre~fon ' is witneifed againjt you : ' Alas, . the poor lvran ftandeth fpeechlefs and dumb, his Mouth is flopped, Ezek. :xvi. 63. ' That thou mayeft ~ remember (thy old Ihame) and,be confounded, ' and never ope;n thy Mouth any )nore, becaufe , ,' of thy !hame : ' Chri.ft then hath the finners Neck under his Ax: What Juftice and Lawmay do, that Chrift may do: The Captive taken in War tna y be killed by the Law ofWars, if he refuie to fubmit.. 2. No fin is unpardonable and Treafon, but the fin againft the Holy Ghoft, and £nallmpenitence : The GojpeJ is a Treaty of Peace, between Parties in War, noae are excepted r · b~