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I 1 The . T A B L E. The; Saints m oft dependent Creature·s 1 r 5 How we know the Scripture to be theWord of God; two Grouncs, one ia the Subject, another in the · ib. , Fancy leatieth not the Saints, but Faith I r; How the Saints need a fre!h Supply of Grace. from Chrift, though they have a Habit and Srock ofGrace within them; prov'd by fix Reafons uS~ I 19 Grace and Glory but one continued Thread 1:2.~ T-.lwee Confiderations we are to have of God"s Work, in leading us te Heaven · ib. · Faith is both aB:ive and paflive "ib. Defertions have real Advancing in the Way to Heaven in eleven Particulars ib. m are not freed from Law DlreE!lo?Js I I 2 I Actual ~ondemnation may be, and is feparated from · the Law · · . ib. Two Objections r.em?ved _. ib. How Works of Hohnefs conduce1:o Salvation, three Thin~s herein to be diflingui!hed ib. We are to do good Works, both from the Principle of , Law and Love 12.4 Other three Objections removed 1 ib. Of the Letter both of Law and Gofpel ; diverfe Er... ' tors of Libertines toucbting the Point . ib . The Scripture~re not to be condemned, becaufe th~y profit not without the Teaching of the Spirit; prov·d by Three Reafons 1\ I:.. 5 Repentance different fr_pm Faith, proved againfr Liberti7;es I z 7 1 -. Repentance thefame in the Old and New Teflament 12i SERMON XIV. · In what Senfe Chrifr came .to·fave the Loft ~1"~ A twofold .~,'reparation for Chrifr, to be con6dered i!J. Conver{JOn is done by foregoing Preparati6ns, and fucoellively, . proved by Four Reafon 13'j Serife of Poverty fitredr f.or Chl'ift 1 I 52 , · The