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'The T 1A B L E. There is a promifing of bowing and predeterminating G1·ace made to fupernatm·al ACts, yet fo as God re.. ferv«th his own· Liberty: r. How. 2 .. When. .3· In whal Mr:a{ure he doth co-operate w1th the Behever in thefe Acts 305, 306' Gra<;;e to an Angel necefiary to prevent poffible Sins 1 iL. g.. N~e of a firong Faith not to be broken withTemp.. tarions ib. · 4> Faith fraying on God wi:hout Light of Comfort, a firong Faith . . 3 ro. 5. The fawer Externals that Fauh needeth, the flronger ir is within ' 3 I I Comforts are Externals t:> Faith ih. Spmc Cautions in this, that :Wme believe fironglywithout the Help of Comforts ib. Reaions why divers of God·s Children die without Comfort . 3 11. S E R M 0 N XXIII. The more of . the Word and the le[<: of Reafon, the lhonger Faith is , . . ; r; 6 A Faith that can forgo much for Chnft, ts a fhong Fa~h 314 i. It is a !hong Faith to pray and 13elieve, when God fi~emeth to f·orbid Pl'aying 316 8. Great Boldne[c; arguetl1 g ·eat Faith ib. 9· To rejoice i-n Tdbulation :; l 7 1o. To wait on with l'ong P:nience :; r8 11. A humble Faith is a thong Faidt ~ ( ?! 12 . A fhong Defire of Communion with Chrifi: w. 1 3·, ~trengtl~ of wod.:ing by Love, ::u·gneth a l±mng .J:! anh . 2 · A great Faith is not fi·ee of Doubtings ';#~. Divers Scns of Doub[ings oppofit~ w Faith :; 2.4. Some I?oubting a bad Thing in idea: yt!r pe,· acc:~~'ens ;wci 111 regard of the Pedon, and Conco.-nj\anr;.; , a. goCJd Sign, and arguetl1 fcundCJra<i:e . ' , 3 2-;o Vi