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The Triat and SERM. i Jefus Chrifl:, Text crieth, Come and·fee. The \Vo~ds, fo~ their Scope, drive at the wakening of Believers, m Praying (when an Anfwer is not giv· en at the firft) to a fixed and refi.)l ved lying and dyi!lg at Ch:ift's Door, by continuing in Prayer wh1le the Kmg come out and open, and anfwer the Defire of the Hungry and Poor. z.: For the Su~jeB:, they are a Hiftory of a rare Miracle, wrought by Chrift, in cafting forth a Devil out of the Daughter of a Woman of Canaan: And for Chrift ro throw the Devil out of a Canaanite, was very like the white Banner of Chrift's Love difpl~yed to the Nations, and the King's Royal Standard fet tlp to gather in -the Heathen under his CQlours. The Parts of the l\1iracle are, I. The Place where it w~swrought, .Af{tt.I 5.21• 2.. The Parties on whom, the Morher and the po:ffef.,'d Daughter: !he's defcrib'd by her Nation. 3· The impulfive Caufe, jhe hearing came, and prayed to Jefus for her little Daughter: In which there is a Di alegue between Chrift and theWoman, containing Chrift's trying of her, 1. with no An1\ver. 2. with a Refufal. ~· with. the Reproach of a Dog. 4· Her Infl:ancy of Faith, 1. In crying till the Difciples interpo1ed themfehes. 2. Her going on in adoring. 3· Praying. 4· Arguing_ by Fa~th with Chrilt, that Jhe had forne lnterefi m Chnfi, tho' a:non~ft the Dogs; yet withal, (as Grace ~ath no ev1l Eye) ·not envying becaufe the Mornmg- :Market of Chrift, and the high Table was the :Je·ws due, as the King's Children; !o llie might be amongft the ~ogs, to eat the Crztmbs unde1· Chrift's Table: Knowing that the very Refufe of Chrift is more excc:'llent than ten Worlds. 4· The Miracle itfelf, wrought by the Wom_an's · Faith· - . '