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SERM· t Triumph of Faith. . 3 Faith. in whieh we have Chrift's heightning ofher Faith.' 2. The Granting of her Defire. 1· The Meafure of Chrift's Bounty, as thow wilt. 4· The heating of her 'IJaughter. . . · . . Mark faith, that the Woman eame to Chrtft m a Houfe: A1atthew feetneth to fay; that fhe came to him in the way, as thefe Words do make goodt Send her a~ay,jor jbe crieth after us Augufli?Ze thinketh, that the Woman firft came to Chrlfl: while he was in the Houfe, and defired to be hid, either becaufe he did not (for offending the Yews) epenly offer himfdf to the Gentiles, having for· bidden hts Difciples to go to the Samaritans; or, becaufe he would have his Glory hid for a Time;. or rather, of purpofc he did. hid himfelf from the Woman, that her Faith might find him out; and then refufing to anfwer the Woman in the Houie~ fue frill f.olloweth him in the \Nay, and crieth after him, as Matth faith: For Chrift's Love is, t • .uberal; but yet it muft be fuited : And Chrift tho' he fell not .his :Love for the Pennyworth of our Sweating and Pains~ yet muft we rlie low for fuch :a Gold-mine as Chrift. 2. Chrift s Love is wife: He holdeth us knocking, while our Defire be Love-fick for him, and kn~oweth that Delays raifeth ~nd heightneth the Market and Rate of Chrift! We under-rate any thing that is at our Elbow. Should Chrift throw himfelf in our BofiJm and Lap, while we are in a Morning-fleep, he ihould not have the Marrow and flower of our Efteetn : ;Tis good t~ere be fome Fire in us meeting with Water, while we feek after Chrift 3· His Love, mufi not only lead the Heart but alfo draw: Vi- ?le~ce ~n Love is moft takt~g, a-nd Delays of enJoymg io-lov~ly a Thing as Chri-ft, brcedeth VioA 2 lem:e