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"' .. 4 The Trial and SERM. 1 lenc~ in our Affetlions ; and Snfpenfion of Prefence o\ leth tne Wheels of Love, Defire, Joy: Want of Chri fl: is a Wing to the Soul. Interpreters ask what \Voman flw was? Jl1atthew faith, A Ctmaanite, not of any graciou.s Blood, a SJWCphrn;ician; nJr Syrophanicia was m the Border between. Palefline and S.yria; and it was now inhabited by the R.eliq ues of ~he Canaanites; a Greek, not by Birth, but becaufeofthe Greek Tongue, and Rite& brouoht thith~r by Alexander and the fucceeding Kin!?'~ of Syria. ~ll th~ Gentiles go under th~ Na;e of Greeks m Scnpture-Language, as, Rom. I. 14. Gat. 3· 28. 1 Cor. I. 22, 24. not, becaufe they are all Greeks by Nation and B~ood; but, becaufe Con- · queft, Language and Cufl:oms ftand for Blood and Birth: However, it ft.andeth as no BJemifh in Chrrfc's Compt-book, who was you r Father, whether an Amorite, or an Hittite, fo ye come to' him, he asketh not whofe ydu are, fo you be his; nor who is your Rtther, io you will be his Brother, and be of his Houie. Afi:trk. 7· 24. And from thence he arofe, and ~:xent into the bonJers of '.Tyre and Si don. . Chrift weCJ,ried of .7uJea, had been grievedin S~rit with tl.e Hypocri:G.e of the Pbarifees, and the Provocation of that fiiff necked People. He was chafed a- \v-ay to tl1e profime Pagans. The Hardening of the · ..7e::zt·s nuketh way to Chrift's £rft and young Love ·..~pon the Gentiles. Chrift doth but draw by a L<lp of the Curtain of Separation, and look thro1.1gh .to one believing Heathen: The King o- -pencth one little \Vindow and hold~th out his.Face, in one Glimp:ie tn the Woman ofCanaan; ioChrfi's \Vorks of deep I~rovidence are free Mercy, and pure J uili~c intenv.oven, making one vVeb. He departeth - ~m