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SE RM. 1 Triumph of Faith s from the Je"'.VS,and fettethhis Facea~d Heart on the Gentiles. Coufider the Art of Pro111dence here : 1. The Devil fometime Ihapeth, and our w~ie ~o.rct feweth: :Baby/on killeth, God maketh ahve: Stp, Hell and Death are made a Chariot to carry on the I .ord's excellent Work. 2. The Providence of God bath two Sides, one black and fad, another white and joyful : Herefie taketh St~ength, and is green before the Sun; God's clearmg of nccdlary and feafooable Truths, is a fair Side of thlit fame Providence. .Adam's firft Sin was, the Devil and· Hell digging a Hole through the comely and beautif~ Fra'me of the Creation of God; and that is the dark Side of Providence: But the FJo:zver of J~iTe fpt•inging up, to take away Sin, and to paint Otl t to Men and Angels the Glory of a Heaven, and a new Wctrld of free Grace; that is a ljghtfome S id~ of Proviaence: Chrift fconrged, Chrift in a C::tfe that he can11ot command a Cup of Water; Chrifl: dying, fhamed, foriaken, is black: B~t Chrifi: in that fame Work, redeeming the Capti..-es of He11, ope.ning to Sinners forfeited Paradiie; that is fair ~ nd white: .7ofepb weeping in the Prifon fornoFault, JS foul and _fad; but .fo{epb brought out to reign as half a Kmg, to keep alive the Church of God in great Famine, is joyful and P.:lorious. The A;ojl!es whipp'd, imprifoned, kif,lel'Jalt tbe 2)ay long, are fad and heavy ;• bur few~·d with this, that Go.d ~azfetb them aJ·:vaJ'S to tr:iunzph, and jorzt' the favour oft ~e Know_ledge o.fChrifl; ahd ~p aut riding on h1s 1ron Cha1t1s, and exa16ng Chr.ift in the Gofpel, th_rough the Court of bloody Nero, makerh up a fair, c?mely C:ontexture of Divine Providence. i· God, m all hrs ·works, l'!ow when he raincth frorn Heaven a fad Shower of Blood on tbe7/.Jrerz J{i?w- . A 3 .. -do,7zs